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The HR Think Tank (HRTT) is a joint venture between the Association of Human Resource Professionals (AHRP) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). With a membership of close to 302,000 in over 165 countries and more than 600 chapters and forums globally, SHRM is the world’s largest not-for-profit human resources membership association. The HR Think Tank was inaugurated in 2019 with the aim of creating an initiative to uplift the HR profession in Sri Lanka by harnessing the collective thinking of senior HR professionals, providing a platform to discuss and discover solutions to challenges faced by the HR community. It also aims to elevate the skills and standards of the profession and enable policymaking.

We have conducted 6 think tanks since 2019 focusing on a varied set of pertinent topics, ranging from holistic wellness, transformed people practices in a post-COVID world, and hybrid workforce. The 6th HRTT (2024) addresses ‘HR capabilities for business excellence’.

Focus of the HR Think Tank

The Association of Human Resource Professionals (AHRP) is the only professional network of practicing HR professionals in Sri Lanka. AHRP, with its 24-year history, has made significant contributions to uplifting the standards of the HR profession in the country with a host of initiatives and interventions over the past decades.

Our Journey Thus Far…

Inaugural HRTT February 2019
2nd HRTT October 2019

“Holistic Wellness”


3rd HRTT October 2020
4th HRTT August 2021

“The Hybrid workforce is here to stay: how to survive, thrive & sustain”

5th HRTT March 2023

"Creating future-proof organizations focusing on engaging and retaining talent in a volatile environment."

White Paper 2023

HR Capabilities for Business Excellence

In the fast-paced and unpredictable world we live in, human resources (HR) plays a vital role in shaping organizational success by aligning people strategies with business objectives. As global and local challenges reshape the business landscape, there’s a growing need for HR processes to evolve. Factors like technological advancements, changing workforce preferences, political instability, and urbanization are driving this change. In response, HR professionals must enhance their capabilities to meet these evolving demands.

The Association of HR Professionals (AHRP) led an initiative to identify the key capabilities needed by HR professionals in the country. This study focused on core HR capabilities, which serve as the foundation for more specialized skills. The aim is to equip HR professionals with the skills required to navigate complex challenges and drive organizational success in Sri Lanka and similar contexts worldwide. As a part of the study, 20 CEOs from top organizations in Sri Lanka were interviewed to gather their perspectives on the topic.

Access the Capability Study to delve into insights gleaned from interviews with 20 CEOs